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Water is essential for life.

The average human being consists of 55% – 75% water, and over 70% of the earth is covered by water.

Drinking Water Solutions (DWS) provide a Global Service...


DWS encourages accessing drinking water at its purist form with an environmentally friendly system. By improving your residence you’re taking the first step in improving the world.

Why bottled water has become a huge concern for Our Earth...

Plastic water bottles have an enormous impact on the environment and causes unnecessary ecological damage. The bottles that end up in land fill just create piles of toxic waste which then seeps into the soil and our rivers and oceans.

City of London police Anti Corruption Video

The City of London police have commissioned a short crime prevention video entitled “Consequences begin at home” It has been designed to be used by companies as part of ongoing internal training for their staff.

It doesn’t talk about the law, but instead demonstrates the impact that a corruption investigation could have on companies and individuals who ignore the Act and break the law.

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