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Why Us


The more you use our coolers, the more you save. If you use bottled water, every gallon used incurs extra cost. Having paid a local water company to pipe unlimited drinking water to your premises, why not use a plumbed-in cooler filter unit to supply freshly chilled drinking water.

Over 50% Savings by using a plumbed-in systems.

Drinking Water Solutions can supply you with freshly filtered water at less than half the price charged by other suppliers of bottled water.


An Environmentally friendly system – requires no restocking.

Our coolers are the most convenient method yet devised, delivering continuous supply of chilled filtered fresh water.

We use point-of-use coolers, designed to be attractive in any setting and to achieve the highest hygiene standards.


Whether you’re running a small business or global corporation, Drinking Water Solutions will be able to meet your chilled drinking water needs. Our office is centrally located in Hackney, London; and provides a global service.

Should you decide to take advantage of our service; our engineers will also carry out routine maintenance and carry out installation.

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