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Drinking Water Solutions (DWS) was founded in 2004. DWS specializes in providing reliable solutions to the RAILWAY SECTOR.

DWS are passionate about business and providing clean and safe water. We believe there is a shortage of water and that it is essential to provide clean, freshly filtered water to as many people as possible. This thinking is behind the DWS current and existing RAILWAY programme, which is designed to highlight the importance of clean and healthy water in the railway for their staff. Water is a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet and without it, as many top studies have found, people are more likely to become overweight.

DWS continues to stress the importance of clean drinking water being made available to railway staff as a way of helping them stay fit and healthy. DWS’s initiative has proven successful, as many schools are finding out that plumbed-in-systems provide the most cost efficient, healthy and pure Water solutions on the market today. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the children have access to unlimited, clean water in their schools all year round. Recent studies by leading water charities have recommended replacing tap water in schools with fresh and clean water as a way of attracting THE RAILWAY STAFF to drink more water. “The fight against the sugar loaded soft drink is a battle to prove to children that water is not plain and in fact is just as tasty and exciting as the soft drinks. We must change perceptions early on” said a DWS Director, when asked about his company’s programme. Behavioural problems, a lack of productivity, obesity and future health problems in children have all been attributed to a lack of clean water in the railway.

Water has become a highly debated topic and the importance of having safe water has been the subject of many recent scientific studies. A Study by Dr Hamilton of Stirling University found a poisonous substance called Antimony in the plastic containers used to hold mineral water, and normal cooler systems contain a much higher dose. DWS uses the most modern water technology – the plumbed-in- system – which has proven to be the safest and most reliable. The plumbed-in systems are also the most efficient in that they do not require refilling. Despite being just sixteen years old, DWS already has a number of impressive and satisfied customers. Fabric technologies, the rail customers have all used the company to remedy their water shortages, and all have been extremely pleased with the results. When looking forward, DWS says that the economic crisis has not affected there company, and they predict a healthy future for both DWS and the industry as a whole. “The economy has not affected DWS. In fact, it has increased business over the last 12 months due the 50% savings possible when comparing our environmentally friendly system with conventional bottled water. I believe the future is extremely bright, as people are fast becoming aware of this type of system and mindsets are changing, with growth over the last 5 years exceeding expectations”.

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