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Drinking Water Solutions specializes in the supply of FRESHLY FILTERED WATER from PLUMBED-IN WATER COOLERS and the latest technology fountains for the railway industry and many more sectors.

Why Choose DWS?

Drinking Water Solutions can supply you with freshly filtered water at less than half the price charged by other suppliers of bottled water. We’re the UK’s environmental solution to water.

Our Products

Our award winning products not only improve your lifestyle; the more you use our coolers, the more you save.  If you use bottled water, every gallon used incurs extra cost.

Improve Your Future


Our sales team are ready to answer all your enquiries today. Receive the ideal unique quote and scheme for you and your business. Simply, head over to our Contact page.

Plastic Bottles are Wasteful ↓


An interview with our client: Black Katz

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